Personal Data Protection Policies

Rabbit Holdings Public Company Limited and subsidiaries collectively referred to as the "Company" (the "Company") recognize the importance of personal data protection and will comply with security measures when collecting personal information. Collect, use and/or disclose Personal Data. Therefore, the company has established these privacy policies. (“Privacy Policy”) was created to inform you that in the business operations of the Company may cause the Company It is necessary to collect, use and/or disclose your Personal Data information as a business partner, which means including but not limited to partners, Distributors Suppliers, Vendors, Service Providers, Contractors, Investors, Analysts, Retailers, Billboard space renters, Independent consultant of the company, insurance company, insurance broker, Insurance agents, Banks, Partners for joint ventures. including third parties. Example, outsiders requesting to enter the area Contractor's requester contact person Related persons according to the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission (e.g. spouses, minor children) services of the Company (e.g. hotel’s guest, membership customer) and other business partners and/or companies within the BTS Group (the “BTS Group of Companies”) whether as past customer, current customer and potential customer including any natural person.

CCTV Privacy Policy
Data Subject Right Request Form
Human Resource Privacy Policy
Car Park Privacy Policy
Director Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy for Event / Exhibition / Tradeshow
List of Companies under BTS Group
Customer Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy for Reception Area
Business Partner Privacy Policy
Cookie Policy
Privacy Policy for Shareholder Meeting
Privacy Policy for Training Events
Data Security Incident Reporting and Response Guideline
Data Subject Rights Procedure Guideline

Privacy Policy for Hospitality and Real-Estate Business