Rabbit Holdings Public Company Limited (“Rabbit Holdings”)

is a leading financial services firm that engages in a diverse range of businesses

including life insurance, hire purchase, and related ventures, with plans to expand into the fields of nano-finance and asset management. In addition to these ventures, Rabbit Holdings’ former businesses (under U City Public Company Limited) currently include investments in various real estate properties, including hospitality, office and commercial units, and residential properties.

Financial Services Business

The company’s financial services operations are divided into two categories:


Insurance Business

Rabbit Life, a life insurance company, branded itself as a new-age insurance for the modern lifestyle. Rabbit Life aims to be the premier choice for consumers by offering exceptional customer service and tailored solutions to meet client’s diverse needs, with the philosophy ‘to listen’, ‘to learn’, and ‘to create’ the best solutions for our client’s diverse needs. It comes with a new vision “Think differently to improve your life with a life insurance that hedge your bets and provides simplified solutions”


Financial Investment Business

In 2021, Rabbit Holdings made strategic investments in Singer Thailand Public Company Limited and Jay Mart Public Company Limited in order to capitalize on fintech capabilities and nationwide distribution channels.

24.9% shares in Singer Thailand Public Company Limited (“SINGER”), a leading hire-purchase player with more than 6,000 branches across Thailand.

9.9% in Jay Mart Public Company Limited (“JMART”), a technology investment holding company.

SG Capital Public Company Limited (“SGC”) a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singer Company Thailand Public Company Limited (“SINGER”) engages in non-bank financial service business offering (1) hire-purchase financing for home appliances, commercial appliances and machine (2) hire-purchase financing and vehicle title loans (3) debt consolidation credit services and (4) Click2Gold credit services under “SG Capital” trademark.

Real Estate Business

As part of its business strategy, Rabbit Holdings is in the process of divesting from its real estate operations in order to focus on its financial services ventures. Currently, the company’s real estate portfolio includes:


Hotel Business

The Company’s current owned and managed hotel portfolio consists of over 6,000 rooms across 10 countries operating mainly in Europe and Southeast Asia.

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Rental Properties Segment

The Company operates 3 office buildings for rent, 1 located in England and 2 in Thailand. In addition, the Company has invested in commercial units within condominiums with more than 15,000 square meters of space available for rent throughout Bangkok and its vicinities. The total occupancy rate is 100%.

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Residential Property Business

The Company’s residential property portfolio consists of joint ventures with Sansiri Public Company Limited to develop residential/condominium projects in Thailand, totaling over 2,700 units. Some notable condominium projects include KHUN by YOO, Base Saphanmai, the LINE Phahonyothin Park, and the LINE Vibe.

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Aside from the Company’s office, commercial and residential businesses, Rabbit Holdings also has other property segments, which include an educational institution under Verso International School, a mixed-use commercial building – the Unicorn, Phayathai, and upcoming construction of the lavish Langham Custom House Bangkok.

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