Preferred Shares Terms
TYPE Preferred shares with specified dividend
ISSUE DATE 5 March 2018
SPECIFIED DIVIDEND THB 0.22 per share per calendar year
DIVIDEND ENTITLEMENT for 5 years at dividend rate dividend accumulates at the difference between specified dividend and actual dividend paid until fully paid
VOTING RIGHTS 1 share : 1 vote after full payment of cumulative dividend or after 31 December 2027; 10 shares : 1 vote
CONVERSATION RIGHTS after 31 December 2022 preferred shares are convertible to ordinary shares on quarterrly basis
CONVERSATION RATIO 1 preferred shares : 1 ordinary share
ALLOCATION to existing shareholders at the ratio of 5 existing shares: 4 new preferred shares
up to 560,463,736,238 shares of which:
  • up to 26,384,191,176 (offered to BBL)
  • up to 470,197,192,120 (offered to existing shareholders)
  • up to 63,882,352,942 (offered to UE)
ACTUALLY ISSUED 374,057,516,140 shares (66.7% of maximum)